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Ahmad Fauzan

Game Engine Programmer

Onyonyo (2013-2014)

An arcade game about math, pathfinding, and food. Onyonyo This game tells about an alien that wants to search recipes over the galaxy, and it ends up on earth, explore culinary life on earth. This game was developed using Unity3D for mobile, especially Android. I worked in a team named “Nameless Studio” when developing this game. The team included 2 programmers (Me and Martha) and 2 artists (Ana and Talisha). We developed this game using Unity3D and C# as language. I helped to design the game, making game logic feasible, and contributing on some levels. As a team, we are really proud that our game had been chosen as a winner in annual game development competition, CompFest.

Responsibility :

  • Game Designer
  • Game Programmer

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