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Ahmad Fauzan

Game Engine Programmer

Visual Scripting for Game Engine (C++, Python, Maya, and Qt)

As part of Game Engine Tool Development class. I and another student (Jonathan – created visual scripting capability for USC’s in-house game engine, PrimeEngine. This is the third milestone of the class project. These are videos showing our demo of the project.

The first video, we tried to make an object/pawn/actor moving based on a visual script that we made.

The second video, we made visual scripting for general level, to show that each object can interact with each other through a level script.

As more on the class, we created tools for Mesh Collider and also for adding spline into PrimeEngine. I created Mesh Collider and implemented colliders into PrimeEngine, while Jonathan created Spline exporter. This is the video that we have now. We also integrated event collider and functions for accessing spline in our Visual Scripting.


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