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Ahmad Fauzan

Game Engine Programmer

Starting Game Programming Journey Monthly …

I like when someone sharing their progress on Twitter (I’m mostly on Twitter, follow me @azon04 !) or a blog post about their progress on game-related stuff, such as graphics rendering, shader works, or the engine they have been working on. It encourages me to read, learn and do more.

I’m starting this “Game Programming Journey Monthly” to facilitate me to share what I learned and I worked on that game-related in my free time and also as a quick note for me. Another reason for doing this is making my website and blog a little bit alive.

As the word “Monthly”, meaning that I will be sharing it in one month term. Initially, I was trying to post biweekly, but when I was writing the blog post, not enough stuff to share. Working on my free time besides works in two weeks, I barely make complete progress on something.

As the breakdown for each post, I haven’t decided yet. But, at least I will have a progress section and a learning section. The progress section will contain things that I worked on that month and the learning section will have things that I learned on that month. This can be tutorial, book/article reading, or any form of learning. The other section I might have in the blog post is a tools section. I think this is kind of quick review of one or two tools that I used most during the month those help me making progress on my personal project or learning new stuff. I probably add more while writing the blog post as needed.

I hope I can keep doing this for months, years or even decades. Wish me luck!


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